Saturday, July 14, 2012

Priestly Garb

I love dressing my toons up according to their class and/or spec sometimes, and this set is no exception.

Head- Vishas' Hood/Vishas' Hood I've always liked the look of the masks in game like the Red Defias Mask, so I was really happy to come across beautiful veils like this one. There are a few different ones available in game. As long as you have not already completed The Dark Side of the Light/The Dark Side of the Light its one of the easiest to acquire, just pop into The Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard to pick up the quest.

Shoulder- Gossamer Shoulderpads Not only am I a bit of an altoholic, but I'm quite an avid AH shopper. I'm constantly scouring the AH looking for a deal on transmoggable items. I tend to snatch up lots of good looking low priced greens. I don't recall seeing these in game before I snatched them up, and I was very pleased to find them. Many low level shoulders look quite drab, but these are quite elegant.

Chest- Aurora Robe or alternately you could pick this up as a quest reward. Waterbearer's Robe for Horde or Airfield Defender's Garb for Alliance players.

Gloves- Safeguard Gloves is a quest reward from To Wyrmrest! This could be pretty tricky for anyone who's already hit 85 and completed the quests for the HoT dungeons. I had a really hard time finding a good looking pair of white gloves, so when I happened upon these it was a realy mog saver :D

Waist- Astralaan Belt I wasn't able to find a plain white belt, but I thought the black in the belt with the veil added a nice mysterious quality anyways. Any other golden colored belt would look fine with the outfit as well.

Legs and Boots- As you can see in my screenshots you can't see the pants at all, so they do not matter. Depending on how much of perfectionist you are you may want to choose a white boot or dark colored boot since you can see a bit of them poking out from the bottom of the robes, but overall I don't find it necessary.

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