Friday, November 30, 2012

Paladin Assassin

I get lots of crap from my raid because of my slutty mogs. This time around I decided to make my Paladin look like a badass.

Head- Crimson Beholder Eye - BOE drop from Collidus the Warp-Watcher(Rare) in Shadowmoon Valley, Outlands - Check your AH for this

Shoulders- Darkcrest Pauldrons Dark Iron Shoulders Expedition Mantle Boulderfist Epaulets

Chest- Spiderfang Carapace - BOP drop Hedrum the Creeper(Elite), Blackrock Depths 
Alternate Chest- Glory to the Defender - BOP drop from Azgalor(Boss), Hyjal Summit (raid)

Gloves- Bloodforged Gauntlets - BOE drop lvl 40-50 Kalimdor

Belt- Thorium Belt - Crafted by Blacksmiths

Legs- Overlord's Legplates - BOE drop lvl 40-50 EK/Kalimdor

Boots- Bloodforged Sabatons - BOE drop lvl 35-50 Kalimdor

Shield- Shield of Impenetrable Darkness - BOP drop Nightbane(Boss), Karazhan (raid)

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