Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lofty Mog

Reverted back to my less than modest ways with this one. Still on the hunt for a good weapon and shield to go with this one.

Head- Lightbringer Greathelm - Paladin Tier6, Hyjal Summit (Raid) or Crown of Empowered Fate, Black Temple (Raid) for non Paladins

Shoulders- Glimmering Steel Mantle - Hyjal Summit (Raid)

Chest- Lofty Breastplate - BOE drop from lvl 40-56 mobs in Kalimdor

Gloves- Sunscale Gauntlets - BOE drop from lvl 38-53 mobs in Kalimdor

Belt- Templar Girdle, Girdle of Divine Blessing, or Ravenguard's Baldric

Legs- Lofty Legguards - BOE drop from lvl 48-56 mobs in Kalimdor

Boots- Spike-Soled Stompers/Spike-Soled Stompers(Heroic) - Sha of Violence(Elite), Shado-Pan Monastery Normal/Heroic; There are a few others that share this color. Alternate boots- Contender's Spirit Boots - they're a whiter color but look nice too.

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