Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jade Plate

The Jade Plate set is pretty difficutlt to find in completion. Even if you can find all the pieces usually there is a hefty price tag on them. I've done a little spin on the set since I was missing a few pieces and the set's shoulders aren't very complementary.

Shoulders- Bog Pauldrons - BOE drop from Bog Lurker(Rare), Zangamarsh, Outlands

Chest- Jade Breastplate - BOE drop from lvl 45-55 mobs in Kalimdor

Gloves- Lofty Gauntlets - BOE drop from lvl 48-55 mobs in Kalimdor

Belt- Jade Belt - BOE drop from lvl 42-48 mobs in Kalimdor

Legs- Jade Legplates - BOE drop from lvl 47-54 mobs in Kalimdor

Boots- Lofty Sabatons - BOE drop from lvl 37-55 mobs in Kalimdor

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